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Events in the recent past have benefited B&W by not only preparing it for the tumultuous present – but gearing it for a particularly uncertain future. As it turned out, its separation from the ELB group in 2019 introduced a well-timed paring-down process and re-evaluation of processes and procedures. This exercise positioned it to remain relevant in the instrumentation and electrical industry amidst the global disruptions experienced since 2020, while at the same time equipping it for whatever the future may bring.

What does this mean for our clients?

In short – we are now able to approach business services from a more agile and dynamic position. Client projects benefit from shorter lead times and quicker turnaround times, and problem solving has been greatly enhanced.

While our core business strategy has changed to incorporate this mantra of dynamic response, our service offering stays the same. With over 47 years of experience, B&W remains focused on providing the same key services to the same exacting standards.

A new way of using technology amidst the pandemic

Pursuing new large-scale projects is one of the core drivers of B&W’s business strategy. This translates into the continuous identification of new projects to grow the South African electrical and instrumentation industry.

We create sustainable working capital on a day-to-day basis – having received a healthy R146 million of orders in the pandemic-ridden year of 2020.

COVID-19 came to revolutionise the way in which B&W applies technology. A sharp focus on improving our internal processes and structures spurred a re-evaluation of all operations. The resultant streamlining has brought about improved business continuity, not only for us but for our clients as well. We are now better able to meet customer expectations, while supplier constraints have also been alleviated.

Our impact on industries in Africa

B&W plays a central role in the installation and maintenance of large-scale plants in the mining, chemical, industrial and utilities, power generation, chemical, oil and gas, transmission and distribution, and renewable energy sectors. Its wide footprint throughout South Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa allows it to respond promptly and with insight to local requirements and limitations, helping each client realise their own unique design vision. B&W plays an important role in growing South Africa’s infrastructure through its involvement in large-scale projects within the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Industrial and utilities
  • Power generation
  • Chemical, oil and gas
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Renewable energy.

Paving the roadmap to the future of electrical and instrumentation services in Southern Africa

The concepts of sustainability and growth strongly inform our roadmap, as evidenced by products such as our industrial and utility-scale solar offerings.

A safe and healthy working environment also features prominently in our way of doing things. We comply strictly with the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993, the Mines Health and Safety Act, 29 of 1996, and other relevant regulations and internationally recognised standards and guidelines, and recently surpassed 11 million injury-free hours.

Broad-based black economic empowerment is another South African business imperative. B&W regards it as both an obligation and an opportunity to improve skill distribution and thereby grow our company and our economy.

B&W is now a level 2 B-BBEE-accredited company with 51% black woman ownership.

B&W’s environmental policy outlines the procedure for identifying, eliminating and managing environmental issues related to the execution of projects. The policy and procedures are independently audited by SABS and NOSA, which form part of our ISO and five-star head office accreditation, respectively. Internal and client audits and risk assessments are also frequently conducted on projects.

Note from our key stakeholders

B&W Instrumentation and Electrical regards our employees as being critical to our success, particularly as we operate in an industry where skills are scarce. We strive to attract and retain employees of the highest calibre to uphold the company’s performance and sustainability, and in parallel prioritise optimal working conditions and opportunities for development.

Our focus in managing our human resources is based on the themes of ‘family values’, transparency and equal opportunity.

Our mission

The agile, streamlined new B&W is ready for whatever the future holds. We look forward to taking the next step with our clients to achieve long-term relationships, sustainability and growth.

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