On the face of it, the Ambatovy Nickel Project in Madagascar was just another construction project for B&W, but deeper analysis reveals a project with a difference.

The stringent biodiversity management plan on this project made it quite different from most other contracts. We had social teams working in all areas to minimise social disruption to the local communities.

B&W welcomes initiatives that involve local communities as the company fervently believes in the empowerment of local workforces and in maximising the use of local products and services, without compromising on quality, safety, cost, and schedule. We trained more than 150 local people in boiler-making and relevant electrical skills, which not only contributed to the well-being of many local families, but also proved to be a significant cost-saving exercise for the project overall.

B&W was responsible for the 11KV/6,6KV supply and installation at the refinery and mine site and most of the electrical and instrumentation (E&I) installation on the refinery. The installation comprised 64,000m of cable tray, 1, 4 million meters of electrical cable, 771,886m instrumentation cable, 4,042 light fittings, 1,170 electrical motor drives, and 7,300 instruments.