The Gamsberg Project will exploit one of the largest known undeveloped zinc orebodies in the world and will comprise an open-pit mine with a dedicated processing plant.

B&W’s Overall Scope of Work

Period  2017 – 2019

Site Manhours  732,416

Peak Manpower  442


Electrical, instrumentation, hook-ups, and commissioning.

Power distribution, sub-station, and switchyard.

Project management and design of power distribution and switchyards.

Four-month peak successfully executed.

Gamsberg Zinc Mining & Concentrator Project

A critical feature of Gamsberg’s development is its approach to biodiversity. The project was developed in the ecologically sensitive succulent Karoo biome, one of just 35 “biodiversity hotspots” in the world. This required extensive engagement with key stakeholders – government, NGOs, and landowners, which has resulted in a unique biodiversity offset agreement.

The Gamsberg Project’s total value was estimated at 400 million US$, for a complete and functioning zinc processing plant. Construction of the process plant and vital infrastructure to support the overall project, including a power line, water pipeline, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE)-lined tailings dam. During execution, the project peaked at approximately 2,300 site personnel, administration, and support staff.

Contract Value  R110.0 million

Period  February 2017 – July 2018

Gamsberg 66kV OHL & 66kV Substation

B&W designed, constructed and commissioned a 19.5km, 66kV, 45MVA steel monopole power line with OPGW for the Gamsberg Project. We also designed, constructed and commissioned the 66/11kV Main receiving and step down substation, consisting of:-

  • Incoming breakers and surge arrestors;
  • Double bus supply arrangement to;
  • Two 45kVA, 66/11kV transformers;
  • 66kV yard protection and switching panels;
  • 11kV feeder panels;
  • Power factor correction;
  • Substation automation system with scada.

Additional work included the extension of the 11kV power supply, from the Storm water management pond overhead line terminal point (Gamsberg Mountain Bottom) to top of the mountain for powering up radio infrastructure on the 21m mast, 100kVA transformer pole mounted 11kV/400V.

Reticulation Contractor of the year was awarded to B&W at the 2018 ECA Presidential Excellence Awards.

Gamsberg Concentrator & Process Plant

Contract Value  R220.0 million

Period  November 2017 – February 2019

Electrical Cable  235,000m

Instrument Cable   80,000m

Cable Racking  25,000m

Instruments  2,400

Lights   1,500

Gamsberg Concentrator & Process Plant

Black Mountain Mining, a part of the global Vedanta Resources Plc, appointed an EPCM contractor to execute the Gamsberg Zinc Mining and Contractor Project located in Aggeneys, South Africa.

The duty specification was to assist Black Mountain Mining with setting up a Process Plant with suitable capacity for processing the zinc ore to produce saleable grade zinc concentrate for export of the concentrate along with the development of associated infrastructure and utilities such as raw water and power to the site and mining infrastructure.

Black Mountain Mining developed a Greenfield zinc mine project at Gamsberg consisting of an open cast mine, ore beneficiation plant and associated infrastructure.

Gamsberg project is one of the most strategic projects of Zinc International business of Vedanta Resources Plc. The Gamsberg deposit consists of an open pit zinc mine with a defined ore resource of 186 million tons and over 250 million tone of potential ore resources.

The Gamsberg mine is located in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, just south of the N14 National Road linking Upington to Springbok and 20km east of the existing Black Mountain Mine and the town of Aggeneys. The site is characterized by an oval shaped Inselberg approximately 220 meters above the surrounding plains.

B&W was presented with the Award for Safety Excellence in recognition of Zero LTI’s, pro-active safety behaviour and safety risk management in 2019.

Contract Value  R15.3 million

Period  November 2017 – July 2018

Gamsberg Water Works

B&W was awarded the Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Water Package on the Gamsberg Zinc Concentrator Project.

B&W was responsible for the supply, delivery, off-loading, handling, storing, installation, functional testing, commissioning and hand-over of the following

Site-wide equipment:

  • 11kV cables installed in ground and on racks including terminations;
  • 3.3kV cables installed in ground and on racks including terminations;
  • Low voltage cables installed in ground and on racks including terminations;
  • BCEW installed with MV and LV cables including terminations;
  • Control and instrumentation cables including fibre optic cables installed in sleeves and on racks including terminations;
  • Cable racks and accessories including support steelwork;
  • Site-wide earthing installation;
  • Pump station earthing installations;
  • Area lighting systems;
  • Solar power system for RTU panels.

Equipment inside buildings and pump stations:-

  • Small power installation
  • Cable racks;
  • Switched socket outlets;
  • Isolators;
  • STOP/START/E-STOP stations;
  • Cabling and wiring;
  • Lighting installations;
  • Fire detection equipment;
  • Fire protection equipment;
  • Welding plugs;
  • Earthing and lightning protection equipment;
  • All instruments.

Commissioning included:-

  • 11kV/3.3kV, 2500kVA Transformers;
  • 3.3kV/400V, 315kVA Transformers;
  • 400V Motor Control Centres and Local Control Panels;
  • 400V Stop/Start/E-Stop Stations;
  • UPSs and Batteries;
  • Low Voltage Free Standing VSD’s.

Pre-Commissioning included:-

  • PLC Cabinet;
  • RIO Panels;
  • RTU Panels;
  • Operator/Control Stations.

Contract Value  R6.0 million

Period  October 2018 – March 2019

Gamsberg Mining Access Road Street Lighting

Black Mountain Mining appointed B&W to design, supply and install north access ramp lighting.

The scope of work included:-

  • Design 1610m of LED street lighting for both the LDV and HME lanes;
  • Supply and install LED street lights for both LDV and HME lanes;
  • Supply and install 2 kiosks (1 for LDV lane and 1 for HME lane);
  • Excavate trenching in soft/hard soil;
  • Supply and install cables – bundle conductor;
  • Terminate cables;
  • Supply and install main feeder cable from MS3.