Located approximately 40km southwest of Witbank in Mpumalanga, Kendal was one of the largest indirect dry-cooled power station in the world.

Contract Value  R7.1 million

Period  July 2018 – October 2018

Peak Manpower  14


Scope of work consisted of removing and replacing the outdated transformers and VSD’s at Units 3B and 6B, Kendal Power Station.

Also included were the removal and replacement of all redundant cables associated with these units.

The major achievement was the installation of the new VSD’s into the current substations due to the limited space.

The VSD’s total weight was 9 tons. The space between the substation walls and VSD enclosure was 20mm on both sides.

Construction started on Kendal Power Station in July 1982. On completion in 1993 it became the world’s largest dry-cooled power station. Kendal is designed to generate approximately 4000MW.

Kendal has an indirect dry-cooling system, which means that it uses significantly less water in its cooling processes than the conventional wet cooled power stations. The station’s cooling towers were the largest structures of their kind in the world with a height and base diameter of 165m.


B&W was responsible for the supply and delivery of material and services for the installation of the new VSD drives, cabling and transformers at Kendal in 2018. This included the removal of existing cable, transformers, cooling water pipes and old VSD drives.